It is a capitalization company where our clients put certain capital to work and obtain a monthly return or interest.

How can I be a client of ARCA INVERSIONES?

To be our client, you must register your data on the platform through an affiliate link provided by the person who invites you to be part of the project.

How can I make my investment?

You can invest with us from 30 usd in the following cryptocurrencies: AIRTM (P2P), USDT-TRC20, BITCOIN (BTC), LITECOIN (LTC), TRON(TRX) Or in the cryptocurrency of your choice (by contacting support previously).

What security do you offer investors?

We offer you the security that comes from the trust of our highly experienced team of traders.

Is the investment done automatically and how?

You choose the plan you want to enter in the system, choose the currency in which you are going to pay, a unique address will be generated (Expires in 1h) to send the exact amount you must send so that the process is completed, once confirmed in the corresponding network the chosen package will be activated automatically. (NOTE depending on where you send, from an exchange or a cold wallet, you must send the exact amount, the exchange or cold wallets have a fee apart from this Fee, we are not responsible.)

Which fee are you mentioning?

The fee of each transaction here we give you an example, EX: I choose the plan of 1000 in USDT the system generates the wallet where to send it and the exact amount that I must send, I will send it from Binance it would be the following if the system It calculates the sum of $1,000 once I withdraw the money from Binance, I must put the Binance Fee in USDT, the Binance fee is $1, that is, once I withdraw the 1,000 from Binance, I will put the total of $1,001 and in the system will appear exactly the amount that I have already sent and thus my investment package would be completed and confirmed.

Yield in a week?

After making the first investment, the profits will be reflected within 7 days, the seventh day the profits are reflected 5% of the invested, every 7 days the profits of each investment will be generated.

How much monthly return?

Each investment carries 20% monthly, the money can be withdrawn monthly/weekly or compound interest can be made to accumulate more money.

Arca Investment Rules

The rules are very strict in our companies and are as follows:

  • Minimum withdrawal is $10
  • Withdrawal restricted 30 days from the first investment made
  • Payments for each investment will be made on Saturday and Sunday of each week
  • To make compound interest, contact Arca Inversiones technical support from the system control panel.
  • Payments will be made on Saturday and Sunday
  • Compound interest will be made from $100
  • Your account

    Once registered you will have to configure the wallet with which you are going to receive the payment.

    What can I manage from the Arca control panel?

    In the control panel you will have all the control, you will be able to see the progress of your investment, how much you generated, your referral link and everything with great security.

    Registration confirmed

    Once registered on our platform you will receive a welcome email, when a deposit is added and completed you will receive a confirmation email that the package is activated.